fairbanks Intergroup

Fairbanks Intergroup
is made up of any Interior Alaska AA group that wishes to join.

Fairbanks Intergroup.
Fairbanks InterGroup Mtgs.
2nd Tuesday of each month, 6 pm, Fairbanks Alano Club, 830 6th Ave.Fairbanks, Alaska 99701; 1-844-751-4393
Contact Us By Mail.
Fairbanks InterGroup.
P.O.Box 73882
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707
Financial Support
Intergroup is supported by seventh tradition contributions from the AA groups and members it serves.
Intergroup has three committees - These committees help Intergroup and the individual groups in carrying the message to alcoholics! Helps you stay sober!
Literature - We have an excellent, complete, and up to date selection of AA conference approved literature, tapes and books for sale at the Intergroup offices. questions call Dan H 479-2951 .

Schedules/Website - To report schedule changes, request additional schedules or ask general schedule questions please email webadmin@fairbanksaa.org. or mail to: Fairbanks Intergroup PO Box 73882, Fairbanks, AK 99707

12th Step List - Need Committee Members, Come to the Intetgroup meeting if you are interested in being involved in this committee.
Volunteer Opportunities - The office currently has no scheduled hours:
Our goal is to have the hotline answered by a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous 24 hours a day. If you would like to schedule a time, please contact your Intergroup Representative to volunteer. You can check the schedule posted in the Intergroup office to see time slots available.

• Intergroup Liaison to Districts
• Bill W. Picnic Committee
• Office Hours Coordinator
• Library Contributions - AA literature, tapes, old Grapevines, Box 459’s etc.

Many AA’s have found that serving our Fairbanks Intergroup office, answering calls to our AA hotline and doing whatever else needs to be done, greatly enriches their sobriety and broadens their circle of friends!

For more information or to sign up, contact your Intergroup Representative or leave a message with the Intergroup Chairperson at 456-7501.

Intergroup Office Location:
We nolonger have a office. We meet monthly at the Alano Club, Contact Dan H. at 479-2951 for access to our literature storage locker.
Fairbanks, Alaska, 1-844-751-4393

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